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Project Name: Hunger No More

Project: Creating a Brand Personality

Client: Hunger No More

Project’s problem and context: The Client Hunger No More wanted me to help them create content for their website to improve the overall user experience. Hunger No More’s website is a charity site aimed at fighting world hunger and they are looking for help with their homepage. They provided their company values in order to help create appropriate content:

  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Service to Others

Brand Personality: Before starting to write content and to ensure that the voice of the content is correct, I completed a personality table. 

Personality in detail: The Hunger No More company is a charity site aimed at fighting world hunger. They aim to provide honest, up to date information about the people they are serving. Due to this serious and devastating topic, their communication requires a conservative and formal approach. This approach will give the user the feeling of trust in the charity that will encourage them to feel they are giving their money to the right place. A planner attitude will allow users to see the charity as a reliable company with aims that link to their values. Hunger No More should aim to communicate in a warm and friendly manner to evoke a community feel for the users and encourage fundraising and giving. Overall, through the content on their website and the way in which they deliver their message Hunger No More shows respect for all; those in need, the users of their website and the charity’s workforce/volunteers. Sensitivity needs to be implemented when using photographs and case study contents that respects the people being served by the charity but also gives an honest and summary of real situations world wide.

They provided a wireframe of the website’s homepage and asked me to add appropriate content to the page in the marked areas.

Call to Action: As one of the primary goals is to receive donations, I added a call to action to donate for a specific current issue at the top of the page in order to be highly visible. The language supporting the CTA speaks directly to the audience to encourage how every person can make a difference.

Inspirational Content: This content is meant to inspire the user to learn more about the charity and its achievements so far. It should encourage support for the organization and evoke further trust in the charity. 

Descriptive and Transparent UX Content: Openness leads to trust and the content for this section goes into more detail over how they use their financial contributions.

Secondary Call to Action: Hunger No More wants to encourage people to support it in many different ways such as donating, fundraising, or volunteering. The secondary call to action was added near the bottom of the page to make these different ways clear to users.


  • Information architecture
  • UX content strategy
  • Copyright Basics