Hike With Me

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Project Name: Hike With Me

Project: Wireframing User Flow for an App

Client: Hike With Me

Project’s problem and context: 

I was hired to create a user flow for a new outdoors app called “Hike with Me”. Their team has completed their research and it is important to them that the app flows in a logical order. The flow had to be designed with the users in mind, but also work to meet their business goals. Here is the information they shared with me:

App Description: Hike with Me is an app for scheduling a hike with others.

Client business goals:

  • Create healthier communities and more active individuals by giving people an easy way to schedule a hike.
  • Increase the number of hikes users go on
  • Increase the number of app downloads

I was given two personas to work with to ensure that the app could meet both of their needs:


I used card sorting to then create a user flow for the app.

Using the user flow I wireframed the app to include all the following features as requested by the client:

  • Onboarding (Signup or Login)
  • Scheduling a Hike
  • Completing a Hike
  • Rating a Hike


  • Creating User experiences
  • Card sorting
  • Product design