Teaching/UX crossovers

This week I applied for a UX role. While putting my application together I tried to link my transferable skills from my previous career as a teacher with the role of a UX designer.

In my application I discussed how teachers must be user-centred. They need to find out where each pupil is currently at and where they are coming from in order to create a meaningful learning journey for them. A step further is to find out what excites this group of students and develop lessons that are engaging and encourage a desire to learn more. Accessibility is a key area for teachers to consider when planning. For example pupils with dyslexia, EAL or a low reading age would need some adaptations or additional strategies in place to enable them to access the content of a lesson.


The Last Few Months…

So at the end of November last year I asked a UX designer on twitter:

“What is the best way to career change into UX from a non-related career?”

Her answer was as follows:

  1. Get Educated
  2. Get Experience
  3. Get a Community